More than Just a Lens

Lenses are the most significant and important companions of a spectacles. They give meaning to eyewear and provide all of the functions that a spectacle should have.

Depending on the spectacles, a good lens protects us in various ways. Some lenses protect us from flying objects and impact. Some protect us from strong wind and shock while protecting us from UV and other harmful light.

Protection from harmful light is one of the most important vision care needs. Long term exposure to harmful light may damage the macula, retina, cornea and cause cataracts, snow blindness or other eye diseases. Strong Glare may also blur our vision causing fatigue and headaches.

Apart from UV rays, blue light from digital devices may also place high burden on our retina due to its high energy. Effective screening is needed to get rid of them, especially for people who work long hours with computers or smart phones.


We put our spectacles on the most eye-catching’ area of our face so we want it to look nice, fashionable and show our personal style.

We have more than a thousand colors with different coatings which ensure that you can get the best style that suits you the most. Single, graduated, bicolor & tri-color tints offering even more combinations. Customized color and tinting services are also available. Our desire is to ensure that you get what you want.