360 CareVis

360 CareVis

X&C® 360 CareVis™ has overcame the drawbacks of traditional CR39 Lenses. It maintains diopter consistency from the center to the peripheral of the lens; and prevents over distortion from the peripheral area. It also eases eye fatigue by reducing spherical aberration, thus prevents further Myopia.

Multi-functions in 1 Lens
1. Safe
360 CareVis™ would not be broken easily.
Thus our eyes would not be harmed by broken lenses.

2. Health
Over 99% of UV protection; offer protects from strong light.

3. Comfort
Resolves spherical aberration, eases fatigue.
Ensure comfortable long-term wearing experience.

4. Sharp
High transmission allows sharper image.
Same degree of correction but a sharper image.

Inspiration of the Design
Most glasses-users have the experience of a “sliding glasses”. When wearing glasses for a long-time, it starts to slide down 5  to 12  from your nose bridge, resulting a shift of focal point from retina. It causes uncomfortable or even unbalanced eyesight and worsens Myopia. Comparing to ordinary lenses, 360 CareVis™ is lighter and thinner, thus reducing the weight your nose bridge has to bear.

Widen Your Scope
360 CareVis™ has a design of descending diopter from center of the lens to peripheral. There is no blind zone (Blending Area), and no need to distinguish left or right lenses. User enjoys a sharper imager for distant objects; and a comfortable view for near objects. With the auto regulation of our iris sphincter muscles, we can enjoy a wider scope of image.

High Definition
360 CareVis™ has a sharper vision than other spherical and aspherical lenses. As thickness increases from the center to the peripheral, diopter reduces. When looking at a near object, focal point can be projected sharply on our retina instead of being lengthened along the optical axis. This helps to ease eye fatigue and control myopia.

Comfortable Experience
Owing to over distortion of the peripheral area, ordinary lenses give dizziness and eye fatigues to users. For 360 CareVis™, peripheral degrees have a 25  to 150  reduction comparing to the center degrees. For a same diameter and diopter, 360 CareVis™ would be lighter and thinner than ordinary lenses. A 1.553 360 CareVis™ lens is as thin as a 1.590 aspherical lens. 360 CareVis™ can capture sharp image from any angle, without any eye pain and dizziness.