Blue light are light ray of wavelength 350-500nm.they are visible light that highest energy
under long-term exposure, They are harmful to our retina the same way UV light dose.they may leads to macular hemorrhage and other eye diseases
WHO reports that blue light is the main reason the leads to poor eyesight.macular degeneration is much more often than cataract problems
Modern people rely on digital devices for work, entertainment and phones,computers,TV monitors etc. they all emit blue is inevitable nowadays that you have to  use these devices.according to research,some people have to digitaldevices up to 10 hours  per day to various reasons

Apart from digital devices,the sun also emits large amounts blur light. If you enjoy outdoor activities ,sunglasses with just UV protection may be enough .we need those with anti-blue light plus UV filter glasses

Light Toxicity
Wavelength between 180-380nm. The are non visible. Ultraviolet are mostly from sunlight. Long term exposure to ultraviolet ray will lead to lens opacity and cataract.

Blue light Ray
Wavelength between 380-500nm. They are high energy visible light that belongs to the blue colour section, thus are called blue light. Blue light can be emitted from many sources-smart phone , computer monitor, TV, laser pointer, projector, LED lightbulbs etc. It is very hard to prevent them.

Caution! Blue Light!
Blue light can penetrates through the cornea and crystalline lens directly, and reached our yellow spot on the retina. Due to its gigh energy, it induces our retina to generate free radicals, and leads to a certain pigment decline. Blue light can cause a variety of retinopathy. In a long run, irreversible damage would be done. In some serous cases, it causes blindness.

Anti-Blue-light Lenses
1. Prevent Phototoxic Damage, Protect our Eyes
Anti-Blue-Light lenses effectively block 100%of UV and blue light , thus preventing phototoxic retinal injury.

2. Relieve Fatique, Staying sharp
Anti-blue-Light lenses screen out blue light emitted from VDT. They effectively reduces fatique and sore eye that are caused by using digital devices. Our eyes and stay relaxed and sharp!

3. Adjust biological Clock, Enhance Sleeping Quality
Many of us may have already noticed that if we use digital devices before sleep. You may have problem falling at sleep that night. Blue light from VDT will stimulate the photosensitive ganglion cells on the retina, which will cause sleeplessness at night . Anti-Blue –Light lenses ensure blue light are blocked, thus our body can adjusts its biological clock and make sure we have good rest at night.

To be honest, all of us need a anti-blue-light spectacles to provide sufficient eye protection. But ,  the following two groups of people are particularly in need.

1. white collar
People who have to work in front of computer for a long time regularly. We will feel our eyes dry, swollen and sore; even tear a lot and feeling dizzy. To prevent all these syndromes and more severe consequences , Anti-Blue-light lenses are the solution.

2. Teenagers
Teenagers have pure and transparent crystalline lens. Their body is in the stage of rapid growing. Their eyes are more vulnerable against blue light comparing to adults’ eyes. Moreover , teenagers use digital devices a lot. Anti-blue-light lenses are definitely needed for them to protect their eyes.